In 1963 Wally and Lenny sold the shop to Paul Mediate. Paul moved to the east side of Cleveland as a teenager with his family.  They moved when the coalmine closed in the small town of Southwest Pennsylvania they lived in. Paul started his barbering career as an apprentice under his dad in the coal mining town at the age of 13. He was only 24 years old when he bought the Belle Barber Shop in 1963 and remained the owner until he passed in 2014. In September of 2013 he celebrated 50 years of business as the owner of Belle Barber Shop and received a Proclamation from the Mayor of Lakewood.


Paul had handpicked the next owner to be at the helm of the Belle Barber Shop and continue the tradition of excellence that it has been known for. Paul had hired Steve Sink as a full time barber and the two immediately became friends. Paul seemed to know right away that the baton would be eventually passed on to Sink. June 1st of 2014 Steve Sink took over as the 5th owner of Belle Barber Shop after Paul’s unexpected passing in April.


Steve Sink looked forward to celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Belle barber Shop with Paul and his longtime friend and

co-worker Joe D’Onofrio. The two friends worked side by side for 46 years. Unfortunately Joe passed two months before Paul in February.  


Since the loss of Paul and Joe, Sink has added another full time barber besides himself and a part-time barber as well.  Also re-opened is the shoe shine stand with a part-time shoe shiner. Belle Barber Shop and Steve want everyone to feel welcome.  Our barbers can handle any hair type/texture. This is an old school barber shop with a friendly professional atmosphere. For our customers convenience we have barbers that speak/understand English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian and Polish.


We are an old school shop and offer all barber services such as men’s and boy’s haircuts of all types, hot lather & steam towel straight razor shaves, beard trims, line-ups, shampoo and facials along with shoe shines for leather shoes and boots.



About Us

Lakewood Ohio Barber Shop

Belle Barber Shop has been located at 14530 Detroit Ave. Lakewood, OH 44107 since 1917, when that building was built after the flood of 1916 in that area. Previously, Belle Barber Shop was briefly located on Belle Ave. on the Northwest corner of Belle and Detroit where there is a high rise office building located now.


An English immigrant named Charlie Flowers was the original owner. He later sold the shop to two other Englishmen named Bill and Fred. We believe that Charlie remained working at the shop well into the 1950’s, long after selling it.


Bill and Fred sold the shop in 1955 to Wally and Lenny. The two barbers of German descent owned the shop from 1955 to 1963.  At that time they built the shop up to 6 full time barbers and 2 full time shoe shiners.